How to use easysubli how to sublimate on cotton

I had originally intended for my tutorials to all be in Live Video format, the things is I have 5 kids, a husband, and a MIL at my heels. Someone always needs something around here! LOL Hubby is working on getting the she-shed ready for me, but it’s a process, and overwhelming at that (That’s a whole other post, haha). I have been putting this website off long enough, so for now I am going to do tutorials the old fashioned way. Once the She-Shed is up and going I will convert them all to video.

Without further-a-do, I am going to teach you how to use easysubli by Siser to sublimate on cotton and dark colors. After the tutorial, I will also give my review of this new-ish way to sublimate.

You’ll need:

  • EasySubli HTV
  • EasySubli Mask
  • Cricut or silhouette
  • weeding tool
  • heatpress set to 311
  • sublimation printer or converted printed
Easysubli and mask

There are two ways to use easysubli. personally I don’t like the second one (and it is unnecessary so I will touch on it but won’t go into detail. The first method involves printing directly on the easysubli, the second method, you print on sublimation paper and sublimated onto the EasySubli. It is said that you CANNOT print onto easysubli unless you use sublijet ink. In my experience, you DO NOT have to use specific ink. I am using an Epson Eco tank and I have filled the tanks with sublimation ink that I purchased through inkowl.

Printing onto EasySubli: I have a Cricut Maker. I uploaded my image to design space as a print and cut image. I sized the image appropriately for my shirt and sent it to the printer. Do Not Mirror. Next I take my easysubli and attach it to my cutting mat.

printed image on cutting mat

Insert your cutting mat into your machine. If you are using a cricut maker you will need to move the star wheels all the way to the right. (see image below)

Make sure you move the star wheels to the right

These are the setting I used.

Next I remove it from the machine and cutting mat and weed the excess vinyl, just like you are used to doing.

Apply your EasySubli Mask. This process is very similar to when you are using adhesive vinyl. Make sure you use a squeegee or similar item to get a good seal. Then remove the original carrier sheet from the easysubli, again just like when you use adhesive vinyl.

Next press for 15 seconds at 311 degrees.

That’s it!

Printing on Sublimation paper and sublimating onto easysubli: For this method you would mirror the image and print as normal. Then with your vinyl cutter, you would cut the easysubli into the same shape as your printed image (do not mirror). Next you press the easysubli at 365 for 5 seconds onto the shirt, then line up your printed image over the easysubli and press for 30 seconds. I tried this method and it was hard to line everything up perfect;y and seems like an extra step. According to the powers that be, you MUST use this method if you are not using sublijet ink.

Review: I think EasySubli is a good product for sublimating onto cotton or dark fabrics. There are a few downsides though. First, if you have a complex or distressed image, you might as well hang it up, for the same reason we don’t do those type of images with regular HTV. It is really only good for images with non-complicated lines, but it does work well for accomplishing the task at hand.

Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions or I can clarify anything for you!

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